Introducing the staff of Traffic Light Project...

We are a group of educators that offers community, legal and health services to people who prostitute, whether they do it by choice, circumstance, or coercion. For the last 20 years the Traffic Light Project has been taking an approach based on respect of human rights and human dignity of the people we meet either on the street or at the premises.

The staff of Traffic Light offers protection health services, by providing informative material and by accompanying women that ask for our support to the health services; regulatory support, informing users on their rights and directing them to the current legislation;  relational support, helping in case of need or just offering our presence and our listening!

A reminder that all our services are free.


Specifically, we can support you by:

- giving health information

- accompanying you to health services

- informing you about your rights 

- by offering our presence and help in case of need